Jackets and Coats - Autumn Winter Collection

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  1. mens-lightweight-vests
    Lightweight Vest
  2. men's wool coat
    ESCALES Coat
  3. Grey blazer for men
    Knit Blazer
    Special Price 245.00€ 490.00€
  4. reversible-duck-gilet-mens
    Reversible Gilet
    Special Price 287.00€ 410.00€
  5. Blue denim jacket for men
    Denim Jacket
  6. Lightweight Vest
    Lightweight Vest
    Special Price 195.00€ 390.00€
  7. men's  duckdown jacket
    Reversible Duckdown Jacket
  8. blue sleeveless gilet Reversible duckdown for men
    Reversible Vest
    Special Price 294.00€ 420.00€
  9. Wool-Cashmere blend zip-up jacket with pockets and the metallic ESCALES ring on one sleeve Blue Man
    Knit Jacket
    Special Price 322.00€ 460.00€
  10. Navy blue duckdown jacket
    ESCALES Parka
    Special Price 427.00€ 610.00€
  11. ESCALES Duckdown Jacket
    ESCALES Duckdown Jacket
  12. Officier Cardigan
    Officier Cardigan
  13. reversible duck down jacket
    Reversible Duckdown Jacket
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Men's Coats & Lightweight Jackets

ESCALES outerwear collection for men: Wool coats, duckdown jackets and Cotton garments for winter. Discover elegant designer jackets, inspired by the navy lifestyle and Paris streetstyle including trendy colours, timeless fabrics and luxury details.

Our customers search comfortable clothes to wear day-to-day, exclusive outfits for special occasions and elegant garments for business meetings: ESCALES aims to give them a complete line of products including reversible jackets, blazers and lightweight jackets.

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