Spring Summer Jackets - Women

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  1. Cable-knit Cardigan
  2. Escapade Trench
  3. Cable-knit Cardigan
  4. ESCALES Windbreaker Jacket
  5. Officier Navy Jacket
  6. Cable-knit Cardigan
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French Design Jackets for Women

This season, ESCALES has created a complete outerwear catalog for women: Cotton blazers, Linen jackets, original trenchcoats and blue cardigans. Discover our proposals for a stylish women when travelling, designer jackets to wear in spring or summer, complete your vacation outfits with a French touch: smart chic garments but always sophisticated.

ESCALES limited collections allow a Responsible Production model, where all garments are numbered with an ID: this control avoids the overproduction and therefore, the are no unsold pieces that must be destroyed.

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