Striped Clothing - Woman

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  1. Marinera Turtleneck
  2. Striped Poplin Shirt
  3. Saint Honoré Striped T-shirt
    Special Price 85.00€ 170.00€
  4. Striped T-shirt
  5. Mohair Striped Sweater
    Special Price 180.00€ 360.00€
  6. Striped Short
  7. Striped Hoodie
  8. Riviera Leather Handbag
    Special Price 196.00€ 280.00€
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Navy Style and Striped clothes for Women

A timeless trendy pattern for all outfits. For the city or by night, we love stripes and this pattern let us create modern and colourful sailor-inspired looks. Browse nautical style clothing: striped pullovers, navy shirts, elegant blue and white dresses, sailor t-shirts, and other stylish striped pieces for woman inspired by the navy and French Riviera style. Inspire yourself by the Mediterranean lifestyle and elevate your looks with our favourite ESCALES pattern: the stripes.

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