Look Plage Cannes ESCALES

Create an exclusive and comfortable look with ESCALES garments and accessories. Start with an elegant white linen shirt, featuring a collar and a neckline closed by a custom ESCALES golden metal button. Pair it with a beige bermuda made from a fresh and pleasant blend of Tencel and Elastane, with custom buttons at the waist. Add handmade leather sandals with ESCALES metal details and blue ESCALES sole, accompanied by a personalized cotton bag. Complete the ensemble with a handwoven straw hat, a handwoven basket-style bag with leather handles and an ESCALES patch, a lapis lazuli and silver bracelet, and a rigid bracelet with the brand name. Each piece reflects the exclusivity, quality, and comfort characteristic of ESCALES, and by combining them, you'll achieve a sophisticated and harmonious look that highlights your unique style and appreciation for quality and exclusivity.
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200,00 €
Sandalen Croisière
260,00 €

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