Hats & Scarves for Men

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  1. Alize Wool Hat
  2. Alize Wool Scarf
  3. Cashmere Scarf
  4. Cashmere Scarf
  5. Cashmere Scarf
  6. Wool Scarf
  7. Cashmere Scarf
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Elegant Scarfs and Cashmere Hats for Men

The ESCALES winter accessories collection has been designed in finest quality fabrics such Wool, Cotton and Cashmere.

Elegant scarfs for a winter outfit or a stylish blue Casmere beanie will be the best option when cold arrives to the city. Wool accessories become a must-have in every winter look: Cashmere beanies and Cotton scarfs in different colours to wear with ESCALES jumpers and coats will be the men's favourite accessories this season.

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