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ESCALES is a company that uses renewable energy.

The company's facilities are equipped with solar panels, making them self-sufficient and reducing their impact on the environment.

Escales, an eco-responsible brand.


 Eco-responsable ESCALES



ESCALES' mission is to offer products of lasting quality, designed for responsible use, far removed from the usual practices of today's fashion world.

Our production model is eco-responsible because all our collections are limited and numbered: we therefore avoid overproduction and unsold stock.

The ESCALES collections are made from natural fibres and sustainable materials to reduce the impact on the environment.

In addition, all our products are made exclusively in Europe.


We are committed to respecting human rights values and ensuring that our teams work in a pleasant environment.

Trust and respect are two values that enable us to base our relationships with our partners on the long term.



Each order is carefully wrapped in tissue paper in our pretty blue box (not included in promotions and small accessories) or our iconic ESCALES bag, which can be recycled (to be selected at the time of payment).

We also offer you the option of attaching a personalised card to your order.


Sustainable packaging

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