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Escales Paris, a fashion brand that represents a certain art of living. Inspired by the timeless beauty of the Côte d'Azur and the incomparable charm of the sea, we are proud to present an exceptional collection that captures the essence of sophistication and elegance. We are not just a textile brand, ESCALES is also an invitation to an unforgettable journey.

An art of living. An exceptional brand. An invitation to a journey.


Philosophie ESCALES


Exclusivité ESCALES

ESCALES designs and creates each piece in its collection with very special care. For this reason, each and every one of our collections has a limited and controlled edition number, guaranteeing each of our customers the privilege of acquiring a rare and exclusive piece, marked with a sequential number that sets it apart from other pieces worldwide

True expertise in the service of excellence, for an exceptional clientele.

An eco-friendly brand

The ESCALES collections are made from natural fibres and sustainable materials to reduce the impact on the environment.

All the products are produced exclusively in Europe.

ESCALES' aim is to offer a sustainable quality product, designed for responsible use, far removed from the usual practices of today's fashion world.


Eco-Responsable ESCALES

Our boutiques

Boutiques ESCALES

Each ESCALES boutique is designed as a living space to serve the collections, each boutique is an expression of our values. Immersed in a neutral white, the harmony of lines and materials offers an innovative and functional concept.

Only in the most beautiful places in the world.

Franchise and development

ESCALES, a French brand, has been presenting its Collections for over 10 years. These collections are numbered to guarantee their exclusivity. The brand is now sailing to position itself in the most beautiful places in the world through a network of franchises.

Escales is always sailing to new destinations, so if you can imagine another place for your ESCALES boutique, please let us know.

Would you like to accompany Escales on its world tour? Please contact us.


Franchises ESCALES

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